The Process

Starting with the right analysis and mindset, ideas are put down on paper revealing our journey begins as a puzzle. We are doing wireframe planning and then waiting for its approval to make sure all the pieces fall in place. The mission is forwarded to a designer who takes care of the visual communication.
Front and back end developers will anticipate every move of the visitors’ journey and code the customized website road map. This stage does also involve feedback for all the content our website is going to host.Now is time to cherry – pick. The most concise and promising pieces of content shall receive the main spot. All the details are managed by the Project Manager and Art Director who make sure that all the teams collaborate and the project will be successfully handed before the due date.
This is the backbone of every successful web design project. The wireframe skeleton is accurate planning and deliberate action, measurements of scale and proportion - pure engineering.
These three colors grasp every aspect of the Romanian identity. The sanguine red stands for knowledge and history. The black is for earth which is the primary source of life. The pale gray being used as a background color depicts faith and ads a drop of mystery to the existing canvas leaving place to grow and explore.
The typefaces Open Sans and Lora share traditions and contemporaneity taking inspiration from the traditional letter forms such as Roman square capitals for the first and conveying the mood of a modern-day story, or art essay as typographic voice for the second.
One last question dictates the awareness state and the feeling of fulfillment: How do you feel after? As long as the answer is GREAT - it'll make people happy about it 'cause it got HEART. The final touch of the fully edited website where we are testing responsiveness and features.
Take it with you, anytime, anywhere, on any device!
You can get a real time demonstration of all the details being integrated together and making the user experience flow.


Happy client – happy team !
An easy to operate online shop that has the following features: Very simple registration process done in a one click social network granted access. An elaborated, single step checkout process. Design centric for any types of possible technical issues.


Worth mentioning that we did not know Cherry Agency before – we just found them on Google, and from our short-listed companies, they have convinced us; the report between the offered services/ quality/ price was excellent and it remained so all the way during the project until the end. Thank you Cherry Agency team and we wish you good luck in the future.
Author: Violeta Isacai

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