Who are Buchuria?

Buchuria is a Romanian online giftshop recently open in Germany. In translation - happiness; ro - Bucuria.
The purpose was to bring the authentic traditions and literature close to its people. The tagline is: Books and gifts from home. Beyond children’s books,audio books, magazines,photo albums and calendars there will be miscellaneous pieces of craftsmanship and folklore available for online purchase. The font is custom designed and has Roman architectural features with elements from the Latin calligraphy.
The mark reminds us of the national elements embroidered on the national Romanian clothes. It contains a shade of sanguine and the second element is earth, to show the rich war history, dignity and triumphs over these lands. It does also symbolize unity, where hands are held together in the form of an X cross that would lead us to the Romanian national dance called “Hostropat”.


To design a recognizable logo that would incorporate the national Romanian identity and have a strong appeal to culture and knowledge, but also to display the objects of interest which are books and gifts.
Buchuria is to expand the Romanian legacy and create a better home for the Romanians worldwide. Here’s our example of the stationery design:


Buchuria has an eye-catching logo that will lay the foundation of a future successful franchise.


All the way till the end we had the confidence that choosing them was a very inspired decision: we were impressed by their professionalism, common good sense, the inspiration and creativity of their young team, their care towards our vision as client and once again, their professionalism. One extra mark and thanks to our project manager, Mr Mihai Tibirna who took our project and guided his team, guided the project and managed the relationship with us above our expectations.
Author: Violeta Isacai

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