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ASG came to us with no content, no images, and no digital platform to speak of. They had just a huge desire to work with someone that could create a new logo that will correctly convey the brand’s core values: expertise, subtlety, and a serious approach to entrepreneurship. We got the brief from the top management, and, after some productive meetings, we understood exactly what they want and what they really represent. We went deep into their minds and brought out their ideas to sketches.

We created a logo that, in our vision, suited best the concept of ASG. It’s bold and clean, combining the three initials in an aesthetic way. The used colors suggest the stability and timelessness of the brand. We were on the same page in regards to the vision of the logo and our collaboration brought us a real pleasure.


Accounting Service Group SRL






logo / branding

released in 2 weeks
project manager

tudor mardari


stefan chitorog

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