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Purcari Group

Concept DOR

Bostavan Winery is part of the Purcari Group - the largest wine exporter in Moldova, with deliveries to over 30 markets in Europe and Asia.

One of Bostavan's main products is DOR Wines, a collection of wines and sparkling wines with an authentic concept.


Our goal was to ensure the transition of the brand from one stage to another, making the rebranding process gradually assimilated by the consumer. The big challenge was to prepare a visual concept that will already have the style of the new brand but will still include the product in its old packaging.


As the new brand uses traditional mosaic elements, we decided, in the preparation of the mood-board, to approach combined elements of urbanism and folklorism.The client's marketing team followed our advice exactly and that's why the final result lived up to expectations.


After that, we launched the spring campaign focusing on the gender uniformity of the target audience. 


Bostavan Winery




Ukraine & Moldova


Concept & Social media campaign.

Concept DOR
released in 2 months
project manager

Alexandra Moraru

art director

Alexandra Moraru

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