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The "Sălcuța" winery is one of the most famous and important producers of high quality wines from Moldova. They were offered these titles for being a high quality wine producer, a promotor of the traditions and producer of excellent quality of the local wines, contributing to the country’s image as a wine country on a global level , as well as for the devotion to the development of the Moldovan wine tourism.


Our first step, before starting the work on key visuals, was to focus on the details, values and commitments of the winery. The brand's voice was established, being a clear, elegant and simple one, a combination of surrealism and mystery, a gentle chaos shaped by a very flexible feminine energy.


After we gathered all the basics, the most responsible thing was to perfect the brand identity, centered around a new key visual.


Salcuta Winery






key visuals

key visual
released in 2 weeks
project manager

sanda turuta

art director

alexandr russu


baboglo anna

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