SEO - Google ranking factors

SEO - Google ranking factors

SEO - Google ranking factors

By AdminJuly 22, 2016

It's not a surprise that Google uses about 200 ranking factors in its algorithms. It's good to know who are they to build a correct strategy and effective SEO optimization for any website. Even if only some of the factors and others are proven controversial or speculations, we will reveal a good part of them.

To make it easier, we divide them into categories:

Factors related to the field:

The age range: Google takes into account the age of prioritizing the old domain because it represents authority and stability. Keywords in the field: a signal is no longer relevant even if the advantage of yore. The first word in the field is a keyword: definitely an area that begins with a keyword it has an advantage over those websites whose domain names containing keywords or contain not in the middle or end of the field. History of the area: a website owner might transmit shifter Google's history reset the site negating links directed to that area.

2. Factors on the page: Keywords in title tag: being the second most important part of content (besides the content of the page) title tag optimization is a powerful on-page SEO.

Title tag starting Keyword: some web pages that meet this factor are better seen by Google than pages with keywords in title tag end. Keywords in the description tag: it is another signal of relevancy can make the difference. Keywords in H1 tag: are also relevant to Google. Length content: definitely longer the preferred content articles short and shallow. Adequate length of an article that Google prefers is about 2400 words.

Keyword Density: although it is a factor of SEO as important as they used to, it is still a factor that Google takes into account to determine the subject of a web page. Of course, abuse of keywords is not appreciated. Page loading speed: both Google and Bing take into account this factor ranking. Search engine crawlers can accurately estimate the speed of a web site based on page code and file size.

Duplicate content: SEO optimization is a factor that can affect the visibility of a website on search engines. Optimizing images: highly relevant to search engines. Rather, they optimize their names, ALT text, title and descriptions to. Order Keyword: of course and it counts. For some phrases, Google prioritize the pages whose content keywords found written in the order sought by the user. Which means often neglect consistency of content. Therefore it is important keyword research before using them. The quality of external links: shows credibility to a website that is linked to other sites with authority. Content correct in terms gramtical: although denote quality, unfortunately there is a ranking factor. Multimedia: images, videos and other multimedia functions as a signal of quality content. Dead links: is a sign of neglect or abandonment.

The length of the URL: extremely long URLs may affect the visibility of a website. Keywords in URL: relevancy is an important signal. A key word is most often used in a document: certainly are a signal to the relevant text. Also, if it occurs within the first 100 words of the page content represents another significant signal RELV. Affiliate links: if in the first phase they do not adversely affect a page rank too many such links can be a question mark for Google that will ensure that a website is not affiliated.

Numbered lists in content: they help sharing content making it easier to read for users. Google may prefer this type of content. The site map page priority: priority given page with file sitemap.xml can influence rank that page.

Factors at the site:

Site Architecture: Google can help organize thematic content. Site Updates: is an important factor that show constant activity. The number of pages of a site is a sign of authority. At least bushy sites are indistinguishable from the Affiliate. Site map: ranking is a positive factor because it helps search engines to index the pages of a website easier by improving its visibility. The place is server: it can influence rank a site based on different geographical regions. It is important for searches with geographically specific.

Contact page: Google prefer sites with a suitable amount of contact information. And if the information in the field coincides with the contact is better. Optimizing for mobile devices: we already know that Google prefers sites with responsive design or mobile versions of websites. Youtube: no doubt that sites containing video via Youtube preferential treatment with the results pages of search engines. The ease of use of the site: a website with difficult navigation can have a weak rank as it reduces time spent on site and thus will have a high rate of abandonment. User reviews / reputation Site: SEO optimization strategy they are playing an essential role in search engine algorithms.

Factors related to the user:

CTR (click through rate) for a keyword: pages visited most often can get a better position for a particular keyword. The dropout rate: although not confirmed, many people actod is this factor that Google uses to test the quality. Certainly pages with a high rate of abandonment are not seen very well. Direct traffic and repeated: an important ranking factor that Google takes into account. Number of comments: pages abound in reviews can give proof of quality and interaction with users. Bookmarks in Google Chrome: because Google collects information about using the browser, pages marked in Chtrome browser (Google Bookmarks) can get better positions. Local Search: Google places local adeseaza above the organic results.

Factors related to social media

Number of posts on Twitter has a major influence on Google's rank. The number of likes on Facebook: although Google does not see the bulk of Facebook accounts, consider the number of judgments of a page that a weak signal for ranking. Authority accounts of Facebook: pages with more likes and shares enjoying increased popularity can be interpreted as a positive factor for ranking. Google + accounts authority: obviously appreciate Google accounts with more authority than unpopular.

Factors related to the brand:

The brand name included in the anchor text: it is a strong factor ranking. Websites and Facebook pages with remarks: is a plus, and most bradnurilor holding big advantage of this Facebook page. Sites with profiles of Twitter with fans: they indicate the popularity of a brand. The website of a company on LinkedIn: almost all real businesses have such pages. Mentioning brand websites News: really big brands are mentioned in news articles on Google all the time. Physical address listed on Google +: Real businesses have offices and possibly as Google to search for information related to a business place to determine if a website is a big brand or not.

Factors related backlinks

Links from older fields may be more valuable than those that come from new fields. ALT text for image links: anchor text version is image. Authority comes page where the link: is an important factor in ranking. Links from competitor: can be extremely valuable. Contextual Links: so long as it is attached to a page's content are considered more powerful than links in a page agoala or found anywhere else on the page. Keywords in title tag: it's a positive ranking factor that Google takes into account.

Factors related algorithms rules:

Freshness pages: Google gives priority to new pages. User's browser history: it's hard not to notice that Google takes into account the sites frequently accessed by users. History searches conducted by users: Google also keeps track of searches for certain rank websites.

This ranking list of factors we tried to emphasize the importance of several issues that are often ignored in SEO optimization processes. Of course, Google does not attach the same importance to each of these factors, however, to some extent they can influence the position of a website on the results pages of search engines.

It is recommended to take into account as many of them depending on the objectives of the site, of course, but probably every website owner wants visibility as high on search engines and thus an organic traffic increased in order to increase and business productivity that it owns.

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