Create Online Store - General Considerations

Create Online Store - General Considerations

Create Online Store - General Considerations

By AdminJuly 22, 2016

If we assume - the wrong way - as soon as I realized step by creating online store buyers will come by itself, surely we find that things are not so. And this happens when the store in question is not user-centered or, in other words, elements of the plan of conversion rate optimization are not well defined.

What should we consider when we begin the process of creating online store? We will see below a list of some items that you should consider when designing a website for e-commerce to ensure that potential customers (target audience) have real reasons to seek the services or products in our store :

A powerful slogan - that every act of online store creation starts after the brand was well defined, we can not ignore the power of the slogan. Perhaps as important as your logo, slogan one of the main reasons why customers turn to other online stores. This is done starting from the answer to the question: "What I differ from competitors?".

In the same category fall and "About us". Information found on this page should reflect fully the work shop, a brief history and why it would be a good choice. Especially if marketed products or services are unique slogan must send this.

What will be the focus of the front page of the store (Homepage)? Lack of purpose or a clearly defined objective and highlighted on the front page of a website e-commerce is a common mistake when created online store.

If a visitor does not can tell in seconds that can be obtained on the website certainly has not been well defined purpose. Whether it (the visitor) landed on after the search on search engines or store already knows he should not ever feel confused while browsing a website.

So need a button CTA (Call To Action) on the homepage is crucial. And it must be as clear, prominent and send a clear message and direct visitors.

Internal search (search filter and sort products) works perfectly - another important aspect that will consider in the process of creating online store. A good filter for searching and sorting of products displayed, from the search of a word (product) relevant, the following: product image, price or "Add to Cart", its description or a link to details about this product, results displayed in order of relevance.

For many online buyers, a poor search filter is a good reason to abandon that e-commerce web site. At the same time the lack of a search filter is a major problem for an online store.

The content on product pages - another aspect that should not be neglected is the product descriptions. Unfortunately, most often when created online shop, this is considered minor.

Most owners use the same descriptions for several of the products we sell, and even worse, use the same descriptions as competitors. As a result of such negligence occurs duplicate content problem - severe problem for SEO strategy for your online store.

What to do? Once the site has been divided into pages of product categories, will create unique content for each of them. Of course, if an online store with thousands of products, this process will be slower and it is recommended to visit a skilled copywriter or website content writer who could create separate descriptions for each of them. Product descriptions - if performed correctly - can be asmenea namely the slogan store that will sell single products.

Store is a safe environment for online shopping? - Are a few pointers that buyers gives them the feeling of safety and confidence in an online store. Among them are: details about credit cards and payment accepted, testimonials from other customers, contact details, and certifiatul SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Also, many buyers increase their level of trust in an online store if it has a product return policy and warranties. Therefore, they must be recorded in the step of creating online store to build a relationship of trust between owner and customer.

Modes of transport and the possibility of returning the goods - transport services joaa a huge role in managing and maintaining an online store. They also largely determines how they act shoppers. Many times it happens that some clients to stop purchasing a product because of cost or transportation methods.

Regardless of which call for companies to deal with the transport of products that we sell are negotiating with them an affordable price that potential customers can fly smoothly. Equally it counts and product return policy and refund customers. Besides being able to return the products show greater credibility of the store is and increased safety for customers who may have doubts about certain products.

E-commerce catalog and display products - when created this online store component is indispensable. Each product marketed in an e-commerce website will find a complete catalog which incorporates including product descriptions, price and all necessary features so that buyers feel informed before making a decision.

In this respect it is important that the store design is not too busy to let products to shine and attract the attention of visitors. Also, it is important to analyze and anticipate how users will behave visiting the store. That means their knowledge and emphasize information that would be of interest such as contact details, checkout process and product descriptions.

Equally important are search: if the first phase customers will use a search engine to browse the site (store should be optimized for search engines), then they will want to look for products in store (functioning perfectly filter search and sort products), and finally when their order is placed they will want to know where the product is sent (it is important to provide this information).

Loyalty programs and marketing strategy - few business owners are thinking about these issues when they open an online store and yet are just as important as everything else. When it comes to e-commerce customer loyalty is quite difficult to obtain because most users will look for the lowest price and will buy from whoever offers products at a price.

It is important and also effective for an online store to try and keep customers with programs as diverse as rewarding when achiztionarii products (giving them points or vouchers that you can only use in your store) so as to keep close of your brand.

Another loyalty program is rewarding customers through social networks. Encouraging them to be part of your store by distributing products and free services or discounts rewarding to get a double benefit: on the one hand he'll keep close to existing clients and on the other hand increases the visibility of the store.

In terms of marketing strategy, certainly not all the solutions used are effective, but we recommend a few that deserve attention: SEO and Google AdWords ads, marketing by e-mail (with an emphasis on delivering quality information) networks socialization and branding.

The possibility of Fir and offline products - should not underestimate the power of traditional stores and especially buyers who prefer this method of Fir products. Many of them will check the products before they buy and, in addition, will not need to pay shipping costs if they buy a product online.

Electronic commerce should not be seen as online vs. offline but should be viewed with the eyes of the customer. And he wants to feel the product before purchasing it. Even a small shop or a showroom can save a shop in some respects.

Even if these general issues are often popular among both business owners, and among those who build sites for e-commerce, more escape by one of them leaving users feeling of negligence, frivolity and lack professionalism. Therefore recommends checking the above in building an online store to dramatically reduce the reasons for abandonment of the store from buyers.

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