Accounting Service Group

Who is ASG?

Accounting Service Group L.L.C has been established in 2014. Since that time, ASG Team has managed to increase its experience in the field of accounting and not only. You never know when you make a wrong financial decision that can cost your business penalty. Don't worry! Your business is in good hands. The company has among its staff expert-accountants with a professional experience of over 20 years, former officers from Authorities of Law Surveillance and Control, accountants with higher education and specialization in accounting and audit. Getting the numbers right and predicting growth in business is really important, and such financial decisions are made very easy when an accounting firm is on board. Integrity, Professionalism, Readiness, and Safety - It's not just words, but facts that represent them.


Our contribution was to create and design a website that perfectly emphasized the professionalism, the message and the purpose of their services. And, we’ve focused on a friendly and bright interface that would allow easy and a deep study of the service.


With the combined efforts of our team, what we did first it was Wireframe-Skeleton of the site, and then we created initial design mockups of each of they services.


Once you establish what your brand personality goals are, how do you determine which colors will work best? We chose colors based on brand identity guideline, also fonts based on readability and characters.

4 layers all

Darkblue stands for professionalism, security and formality. It is mature and trustworthy. SnowWhite evokes cleanliness, or simplicity. The fonts and colours, was carefully chosen to show a brand that is above all, trusted and respected.

four block img top four block img bottom

With an elaborate array of design options, Accounting Service Group L.L.C selected the best version of our mockups that best resonated with their brand ethos, and professional services.


We tweaked our designs until our client was satisfied with the final version for each category of their services.

seven background img
eight background img
round blue


For us it wasn't so difficult to work with a company where professionalism speaks for itself, the vibe of both teams is very similar and meant we could easily understand ASG’s values and work well together. The website elevates the company’s brand to one of leadership, and the result is a web presence just as prompt and reliable as the company’s story and successes.

round white


The client was extremely happy that we managed to collaborate on the same wave, and our collaboration was a real pleasure for us. Like the painter, we just gave color and we highlighted the professionalism, safety and trust of they services. So, we'll be very pleased to keep in touch for a new collaboration.