Who are LikeBike?

Likebike is an electric bicycle rent service in Brasov, Romania that help people to get a grip on their bike trip. A well thought choice of the eccentric travelers who let nothing stand in between them and their purpose. A powerful iconic logo, that will express their vision and values by powerful shapes and colors, is what they deserve.


To build a mark that even in 10 years will stand out.
The simpler – the better.

The background

The Mark/Logo is decomposed into plain shapes that can be found among natural forms and within the bicycle archetype.
Based on the two types of bikes that define Likebike - we have illustrated that with two triangles: normal and inverted – city and mountain bikes. The colors mean opposing forces – adrenaline and direction as red, and innovation and safety as blue.

Usage of the logo

The logo is well applicable to various types of representations of the brand, including clothing, banners and other materials. It can revolve around a tourism brand.

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