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Credit 7

key visual

Credit7 is a company that offers online loans in Moldova, in a simple and advantageous way. With their service, one can loan money in 7 minutes, without a lot of paperwork or the need to wait in a row. Our collaboration was a short one, but full of creativity and with the best aprooved final products.


Our task in this project was to create some key visuals, that were to represent the company in several advertising campaigns, as well as to design some posters. As a result, we were, once again, convinced that the direct exposure of the client's wishes has a strong impact on the final product, being helpful in collaborating with our team.


Aventus Finance SRL






3 key visuals / 27 resizes

key visual
released in 1 month
project manager

mihai tibirna

art director

alexandr russu


stefan chitorog

3D designer

dmitry mushta

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